Monday, September 19, 2016

It's a very slow wintery day and I'm sitting in my room scrolling down my timeline on facebook. I'm in the middle of watching a funny video when it all of a sudden exits out the app. I think nothing of it and just assume my phone is acting strange like usual just I just go to twitter. I open up the app and it doesn't let me into it. I sit there for 5 minutes thinking maybe it's just taking some time to load. Well, it never does so I got to my wifi modem and I turn it off then back on because sometimes our internet will act up and we'll have to do that. It doesn't work still facebook and twitter isn't working. This is very peculiar to me nothing like this has ever happened. I start to panic just a bit when I try snapchat and that fails too. Nothing seems to be working.

I go next door to my friend Emon's house to see if he was experiencing the same issues. He said he was but he thought maybe it was just his wifi so he thought nothing of it. We sat a tried to brainstorm solutions to the problem thinking maybe we were the only people experiencing this. We come up with nothing so we decide maybe we should sleep on it. Hoping maybe the next day will be better and everything will be taken care of.

I wake up the next morning and automatically check my phone to see if everything is still down. It is. I panic just a little more. What am I going to do with my time all day long? How am I going to keep myself entertained? How am I going to talk to everyone? I have a slight mental breakdown scared that maybe the issue will never be solved. I hear a slight knock on my door and it's Emon. He's still in his pajama's and his hair's a mess. "The internet is still down, I'm not so sure what to do with myself now" I stare blankly at him and go have a seat. Now that there's no social media we have no way of communicating with anyone and making plans anymore.

Monday, September 12, 2016

My South Haven

     I've been living in a small town by the name of South Haven for 4 years now, but in my younger years I've visited every summer. Ever since my childhood years it's been very apparent to me that this little beach heaven is the perfect small town to raise a family. It's a very quiet environment with a multitude of kind people who'd be more than willing to help you out in your most desperate time of need. South Haven is also a very beautiful city with many beautiful attractions. Our biggest attraction would be our beach/downtown area. I live near the beach so I go almost all the time, anytime the weather is nice pretty much. We have such a beautiful beach, and it attracts many tourist. For a town with a population not too large it's nice when holidays roll around and we get lots of visitors from different areas. Sometimes it can get really jam packed here but it's always a fun time seeing other people from other cities, and making friends with all of the many differentt people you meet.

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